Here is the link to my website.  It was actually  lot of fun to create this website after I figured out how to use  You can go to my website here or click on the screenshot below. Continue reading


No Fluff

Reading response to Krug Chapters 4-5

In these chapters Krug discusses the importance of guiding the user through the website to get them to take away what you want them to take away.  In other words, get the user to see what you want them to see.  Like I explained in my last post, clarity is the most important aspect of any website.  In most cases, the simpler, the better.

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Clarity Clarity Clarity

Reading response to Krug Chapters 1-3

Continuing with reading about web design, I learned a lot about it from this reading.  This post from in the week explains some of the basics of web design.  Krug goes into more detail and really made the main concepts behind web design clear.  The first and most important aspect of web design is the design must be clear and easy to follow. Continue reading

Website Design Ideas

Website Design Ideas


After thinking about my website I came up with a few ideas.  I plan on using to make the website.  This website will be used to show off the projects I have done for this class.  I would like to also highlight some of my blog posts.  I will draw the most attention to my video editing because I have done lots of video editing outside of class.  I hope that this website is helpful in finding a job in the racing industry.  This website will have links to my videos, blogs, résumé, and everything else from this semester.

Website Creation

Reading response to Redish


I found this reading to be rather helpful when designing and planning my website.  It was interesting to read about how important it is to think about the design, the users, the purpose, and the usability of the website before building the site.  I found this reading to be helpful as I am beginning to think about my website.  Redish first outlines seven important first steps to take when designing a website. Continue reading

User Experience

Reading response to Garrett


This chapter talks about user experiences and how this is applied to websites.  Garrett opens by giving several examples of the importance of the user experience and how it can affect the user.  My favorite example he gives is at the very beginning of the chapter and is about how a bad user experience could cause a car crash.  Continue reading